The Only Ag Building That Pays For Itself!

Introducing the Solar agricultural Shed:

The Only Ag Building that pays for itself!

Our Solar-Powered Sheds do so much more than just shade: they provide power, animal loafing area, dry space for equipment, feed, and more!


Keep it simple.

We make it as easy as possible to order, and are always just a phone call away. Installation is 100% included, we don’t have any hidden fees - and we pride ourselves on our transparent business practices.

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About Us 

Imagine Energy was founded in 2003 to change the way people think about and use energy. Our goal is to make new technology available to everybody, and share in the environmental benefits of switching to solar.



per month saved in energy bills

*All locations are different, so results may vary. Most sites will average $100 per month saved on their energy bill .


Per year saved in energy bills

This is a lot of money that would normally be going into your power company’s pocket, but now it’s headed to yours.

4 years

and the shed has paid for itself.

Your solar-powered ag shed will actively start to make you money that you would have spent otherwise on your power bill.


Costs & Savings

10 kW Solar + Agricultural Shed
Provides 11,000 kWh/year

Installed Price: $25,000

EnergyTrust Cash Rebate: -$5,025

Federal Tax Credit: -$7,500
(30% of installed cost)

Depreciation Savings: -$8,500
(Benefits depend on tax bracket)

Cost After Incentives: $3,975


Options + Adders

  • Add Plywood Kick Wall Paneling to Interior- 4’ tall: $600

  • Add Storage (Tack) Room with Door: $1800

  • Add Gable End Overhang in Front: $400

  • Upgrade to 100A Electrical Feeder to Shed: $500

  • Upgrade to 200A Electrical Feeder to Shed: $1000

  • Add 10kWh Battery Backup and 25A critical loads panel: $10,000


Optional Exclusions (can be added later, price varies)

  • Trenching from Electrical panel to Shed

  • Structural Permitting (if needed in non-agricultural application)

  • Leveling or clearing of site

  • Concrete pad/floor


October 2017

"I liked the constant communication that Zack and David provided keeping me informed and checking in with me as to what's going on and explaining the whole project technology and how it all connected to the house."

- Jonathan



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